A little Story About Fast Train Project Jakarta-Bandung

I want to write some story here with English again, just try to improve my writing in English, maybe still not properly, but I hope you as the reader can understand what i have wrote here hehe

Now, as a usual, in Saturday night after I have a class of MBA Programme in MM UGM, I go to the Gambir Station and then go to Bandung by the Train, actually now I stayed with my family in Padalarang, West Bandung. Just for weekend we regularly meet together…how a quality time is it. This called the pursuit of happiness, because family is my happiness

There is a big plan from the government to provide Fast Train (Kereta Cepat) from Jakarta to Bandung in 2019. The latest I known, the tender has been done in 2017, and the project goes to Chinese one, after compete with the Japanese one and the project has been launching also by the president of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the first stone take in West Bandung also, if I not mistaken in area of Cikalong Wetan.

But if we searching progress of that project I think there are less information can be found, more popular is another project of infrastructure in preparation of Asian Games 2018 that will held in Jakarta and Palembang in August 2018. Or the LRT, MRT and highway project that on going process that targetted done by this year.

I imagine if there is Fast Train destination form Jakarta to Bandung that only need time for approximately 45 minutes, although the ticket price maybe 100% or 200% higher than Argo Parahyangan, can make a lot of people curious and want to try it, and after that will going normal with exactly segmented people will use the train. The more train with the more schedule in the future can decreasing the price, make it more affordable.

If that kind of situation happened, Bandung will effected significantly in population, it must be anticipated then, to avoid problem in traffic jam, in infrastructure capacity in the city, also about environmental issues. In the economic perspective, off course there are so many opportunities will come, and can increases the income in the region.


Say Yes If U Loved It..Show it With a Passion

When  I was a child, when I was in Basic School..in Indonesia named Sekolah Dasar (SD).. I’m very glad studying Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (IPS), especially about Geography. I’m very enjoy looking up the globe, drawing the map,coloring  the island, making blue the ocean with a crayon, listening the Legend or local history from many different culture and many place in Indonesia, like Sasakala Gunung Tangkuban Parahu from West Java, story of Malin Kundang from West Sumatera, story of Candi Borobudur and Prambanan from  Central Java, see the picture of their traditional clothes, weapon, traditional houses. It is wonderful enough for me that time.

After I go back home after school, at 03.00 PM or in Ashar Time (one of prayer time for Moslem) I go to the mosque for studying Al-Quran and many lesson about Islam like Fiqih, Tarikh (Islamic History), Arabic Language. But we have some extra lesson like doing sport and art. Sometime we playing soccer, making Arabic Calligraphy, making some Poetry and reading it, etc

At the mosque, there is a library. One of my favorite books at the mosque library are Encyclopedia Books, the A to Z almost all the thing in the world, with a very nice pictures, Islamic History Books especially History of our 25’s Prophet form Phrophet Adam AS  to Last Prophet Muhammad SAW, the books is very interesting like a commics, colorful and complete with pictures, bring our imagination to the time when the prophet still alive.

Beside that, I remember there is one book at the library telling us all about Japan Country. The history, the language, the geography, the people, the Island, The Cities, The Food.. it is very interesting for me, the first time I know about Katagana and Hiragana, two types of Japanese Language. The first time i learn how used the chopsticks for eat, first time try to write Katagana/Hiragana word. I wondering to go there..take pictures beside the Sakura Trees with a Kimono, with a back ground of Fuji Mountain.. the highest mountain in Japan.

I think all that moment is give me some reason, some explaination about my interest, about mylife, although in my child time I was a shame one..do not telling everyone, showing the interest to many people. Maybe myself do not  realized it too..don’t know surely what my interest is, the thing I loved, the wonderful thing i want to do or get..

My First In English…Lets Get a Better Life By All This Stuff..

Nowdays the world becomes smaller.. the world likes the small villages. We can put the world in our hand..our arms..Many people in different places, different countries, different language, has been connected. We can share information, ideas, knowledge, experiences to all the people on the earth..in the world.

The world has changes.. in the year 1990’s when I was a child, it is very difficult to access an update information and knowledge. When I was a student at the Basic School, My school text book is out of date..the books are very old and it has been used for many generation before. What we learned just the way what our teacher said to us in the class, and what “the Old text book” told to us.

We can’t find the other information or the other knowledge beside it’s “conventional sources”.. Almost all student’s families in my basic school was comes from the Unedducated Families. But they want their child have a better edducation, have a better life in the future better than their life. So we didn’t get more information and knowledge from our parents or our families.The Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazine, and the other media are an expensive on that time, and its difficult to find it. Only a rich ones who have all that stuff..

But now, it’s easy to get almost anything what we want to know… its easy to find an update information. Every second we can get an update information, not only from our place, our town, our country, but we can get it from a whole world.. it just click our mouse, it just push our mobile phone..and it is real time online..the world is in our hand. We can find out what happened in The New York City in this time, we can find out what is the common issues in London City, How about the recent condition of the people in Palestine, and the other people through the world.

So, every single time we can update and upgrade ourself by all that very important things.. why it’s very important? because it can make many changes for our life. Off course in the positive way.. all that information and knowledge can change what the way we think, what the way we think can change our attitude or behaviour.. and it’s build our habbit.. and the most important is can build our new character..and the last, all of this changes become automatically change our life.. what the best for our life, what the best for ourself. We can get all the best from it for our better life.

#i’m sorry if my english still have a mistake#